London Chinese Science Fiction Group

LCSFG is a community for people interested in Chinese language science and speculative fiction (SF).


The London Chinese Science Fiction Group is a community for people interested in Chinese languages (sinophone) science and speculative fiction (SF).

Chinese language SF from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and the global diaspora has been gaining a wider readership through translations into many other languages over the recent years. We began this group as one way to offer anglophone readers a space to thoughtfully and enjoyably discuss these narratives, and sometimes, their cultural specificities. We hope to encourage the community to read translated stories by emerging science and speculative writers, as opposed to reiterating a prescribed literary canon-in-the-making, so as to reflect the diversity of backgrounds and experiences across Chinese language SF.

The LCSFG was co-founded by Lyu Guangzhao and Angela Chan, with support from Mia Chen Ma. Since April 2019, Angela and Guangzhao have been organising a monthly in-person reading and discussion group at University College London, and since March 2020, we have continued to come together online. Each month, we select a short SF story to read, which is offered online in Chinese and its English translation. During our meetings, we explore the story’s SF themes, literary styles and even translation techniques and choices, as a way to better understand the piece, as well as the evolving field of contemporary Chinese SF. Our sessions are chatty and informal, because we are a mixed group of SF fans, researchers and newcomers to SF, native, non-native and non-Chinese speakers, but it seems we are all bookworms!

We work directly with SF authors and translators across the world, and for our online monthly meetings, we have been inviting them to discuss their own stories with our LCSFG reading community. We also share upcoming events and research conferences from the wider field of sinophone SF through our social media channels and WeChat group.

Lyu Guangzhao

Lyu Guangzhao

Lyu Guangzhao (China, surname first) is currently a PhD student in Comparative Literature at University College London (UCL). His research project is a comparative study of the British SF Boom and the Chinese SF New Wave. It focuses on the relation between the two SF movements and the broader socio-cultural transformations in the post-Thatcher Britain and the post-socialist China.

He is generally interested in science fiction studies, utopian studies, apocalypse literature, neoliberalism or late capitalism, postmodernism, and literary geography.

Guangzhao is the co-founder of the London Chinese Science Fiction Group (LCSFG) and also a co-director of London Science Fiction Research Community (LSFRC) closely connected to Birkbeck, University of London. He oversaw the Chinese SF stream during LSFRC’s 2020 annual conference.

Additionally, he has been speaking at various events and conferences in London, Liverpool, Lancaster, Dublin, Leeds, Shanghai (plus Chicago and Santiago de Compostela, cancelled due to pandemic). His latest essay was published in SFRC Review in September 2020.

Contact Guangzhao by email guangzhao.lyu.16[at]

Angela Chan

Angela Chan

Angela Chan (UK) is an independent curator, researcher and artist. As a ‘creative climate change communicator’, she collaborates widely with visual artists, activists, speculative fiction authors and youth groups.

As Worm: art + ecology, she curates exhibitions and produces workshops on art and climate change issues. She also has a research-based art practice, working with video, communal conversations and speculative fiction writing. She researches across anti-colonial climate justice, geography, and SF, and focuses on climate communication and knowledges that centre minoritised perspectives.

Angela is a Jerwood Arts / FACT Digital Fellow and part of Chisenhale Gallery’s Myco-Lective artist development programme. She is a commissioned artist for Metal’s Estuary 2021 and Sonic Act’s OVEREXPOSED environmental research residency.

She co-founded the London Chinese Science Fiction Group hosted at UCL, and her writing is published in Science Fiction (2020, MIT Press & Whitechapel Gallery). She also co-directs the London Science Fiction Research Community.

She has a background in History of Art and Scandinavian Studies (UCL) and holds an MA in Climate Change (KCL).

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